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2014-10-31 2020-08-26 Boyd Bushman was a Senior scientist at Lockheed Martin, he was an aerospace engineer and alleged employee of … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to … 2014-10-28 2020-10-27 Boyd Bushman has built the Apparatus and Method for amplifying a magnetic beam – US Patent Issued on July 27, 1999. The technology involves the careful spinning of the liquid metal Mercury. In this video Boyd Bushman demonstrates the spinning CELT I think he called it. Its about the three thirty minute mark. Shortly before Boyd Bushman passed away on August 7, 2014, he was video recorded candidly speaking about his personal experiences with Area 51, UFOs, aliens Although Boyd Bushman detailed the extraterrestrial missions carried out in Area 51, the only proof he showed were photographs of UFOs, alien specimens and their space crafts. In the interview that went viral, Boyd Bushman spoke with independent aerospace engineer Mark Q. Patterson, who posted it to YouTube in October 2014.

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2,326 likes. Boyd Bushman’s astonishing Area 51 deathbed confession Whatever Boyd Bushman really knew about Area 51 and its UFO links went with him in 2014. Just perhaps, this was Bushman’s “last hurrah,” still secretly working for his Area 51 masters to the very end – to confuse the truth of what really goes on at Area 51. Tags Area 51 Boyd Bushman UFOs Boyd Bushman – A True Scientist. Science is not an institution or a body of knowledge, but an approach to learning.

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EDIT: Just so everyone knows, he literally holds up photographs of equipement said to be from a UFO that he tested in various labs like Lockheed, and he holds up multiple photographs, that were given to him, of aliens. Boyd Bushman falleció el 7 de agosto de 2014, y grabo el vídeo hablando con sinceridad sobre sus experiencias personales en el Área 51 y haciendo publica la información y disponible para su investigación, por los canales indicados en el uso pleno del Acta de Libertad de Información en EE.UU.

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Boyd bushman

Buskens 2673. Bussler 1991 2084 2096  Relaterade personer/gestalter. Earl Olson · Linda King Newell · Sterling M. McMurrin · David O. McKay · Boyd K. Packer · Carol Lynn Pearson · D. Michael Quinn. William, Whitaker, Richard, White, F. C. P. (Frances C. P.), White, James Boyd Woolfson, Tony, Worms, Frédéric, Wright- Bushman, Katy, Wright, Wendy M. Boyd. Boyer/M. Boyle. Br/MNT.

Özellikle gündeme gelme sebebi ölmeden önce basına 51. bölgede incelenen uzaylı fotoğraflarına sahip olduğunu söylemesiydi. Bu uzaylı fotoğrafları birkaç uzman tarafından incelenince imitasyon olduğu söylendi. One of Boyd Bushman's most popular patents as a Lockheed Martin inventor.
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Boyd bushman

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