Ostafrikasaurus Jurassic Park Dinosaur Spinosaurus Baryonyx


Swamp Troll by Wicked-Creations on DeviantArt

Ichthyovenator. Dilophosaurus. Megaraptor. Kaprosuchus. Ostafrikasaurus.

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Ostafrikasaurus is our first Spinosaurid, and lemme tell you, my boyfriend Max’s favorite dinosaur group is the Spinosaurids, so he’s hella freaking excited about this. It was from the mid Tithonian stage of the Late Jurassic, about 148 to 145.5 million years ago, and is known from an isolated tooth. (I know the size of ostafrikasaurus is smaller than T rex, but in this OC page it's bigger,longer,and slightly taller than sharptooth. You know from the fanfictions like sharptooth returns and land before time retold.) Personality:head strong,compassionate,caring,outspoken,aggressive,protective,supportive, mighty,intimidating,motherly,adventurous. Meet Spinosaur clan!

Swamp Troll by Wicked-Creations on DeviantArt

It contains a single species, Ostafrikasaurus crassiserratus. [1] Discovery. Ostafrikasaurus is only known from the holotype specimen MB R 1084, an isolated tooth.

Swamp Troll by Wicked-Creations on DeviantArt

Ostafrikasaurus size

Spinosaurus. Ostafrikasaurus. Baryonyx. 5. ​This larger-size Brachiosaurus figure from the original Jurassic Park film, is approximately 28-inches high and 34-inches long. ​Features movie-inspired  3 Aug 2016 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=727841811.

(Carnivores) Each dino has three defining traits below the name, and are explained in the description below. This is very early in my ideas for these dinos, and will be adding statistics. Please give constructive feedback.
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Ostafrikasaurus size

This one  Angaturama and Oxalaia (which size there might be wrong).

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Fashion Short Sleeve Ostafrikasaurus Jurassic Park Dinosaur

Ostafrikasaurus (English: Ostafrikasaurus) ଡାଇନୋସର ବଂଶର ଜୀବ ଅଟେ । ଏହି ଜୀବଟି ବର୍ତ୍ତମାନ ବିଲୁପ୍ତ । ଏହାର ଜୀବାଶ୍ମ ଓ ଅବଶେଷ ଆଫ୍ରିକାରୁ ମିଳିଥିଲା । Size: Approximately‭ ‬9‭ ‬meters long. Known locations: Africa,‭ ‬Niger,‭ ‬Elrhaz Formation.